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Version 2.8.8 of NcFTPd Server is now available! Our FTP server software has been providing fast, flexible, and secure FTP service since August 26, 1996. That's right -- for over 25 years! Download binary packages for Linux (RHEL 6, 7, 9, Ubuntu 22), FreeBSD 14, and more. (January 11, 2024)


Version 3.2.7 of NcFTP Client is now available! The third major version of our trailblazing free FTP client provides many powerful features and works on a wide variety of platforms including Microsoft Windows. (January 1, 2024)


Version 3.2.6 of our LibNcFTP API is now available! Our powerful and portable programming library now supports Microsoft Windows and macOS in addition to dozens of UNIX platforms. (November 27, 2016)