a-upload-bandwidth-per-user NcFTPd domain.cf file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the domain.cf file.

As of version 2.5.0, NcFTPd supports simple bandwidth management. You can now limit the throughput for every anonymous remote user using the domain by configuring the a-upload-bandwidth-per-user and a-download-bandwidth-per-user option. These values should be set to a positive integer indicating the maximum number of kilobytes transferred per second that will be allowed. For example, to have users' uploads be limited to a throughput of 8 kB/sec, you would use a-upload-bandwidth-per-user=8. A value of zero indicates no limit, and is the default.

Note that this setting applies to each user individually, so if there are ten users logged in and your limit is 8, each of those ten users would be allowed up to 8 kB/sec, which could mean that up to 80 kB/sec of your total system bandwidth could be in use.

These settings let you set one limit that apply to everyone, but you also have individual users have different bandwidth limits. This requires using a NcFTPd Password Database and the accompanying utility programs (ncftpd_passwd, ncftpd_edquota) to accomplish this. Limits from individual user records override these domain-wide limits, but only if the individual limits are explicitly set to non-zero.



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