delete-uploaded-file-if-quota-exceeded NcFTPd file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the file.

If you're using NcFTPd Quotas, you can use this option to delete an uploaded file if this file would exceed the user's quota. By default, NcFTPd allows the uploaded file to stay, but does not allow additional uploads until the user frees enough space to get under their quota again.

In most circumstances when this happens, NcFTPd will have aborted the upload operation before completion, leaving a partial file which could be resumed later, if the user deletes some other files to make space. Since the uploads are processed at the block level (typically less than 100 kB each), that means most of the time the upload is stopped after the block was transferred. There is a case where the upload would be allowed if it just exceeded the quota with the last data block. Essentially, this option is here if you want to be sure you don't want to allow this case.



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