log-misc NcFTPd general.cf file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the general.cf file.

This specifies how to log the miscellaneous server messages. These messages are log lines created when errors occur, or events you may want to know about happen.

When you run the server in verbose mode (ncftpd -v) or very verbose mode (ncftpd -vv), debugging messages are also logged. Those debugging messages are useful because you can see the exact FTP conversation between NcFTPd and the remote client, along with diagnostic information.

The name of the log is actually a magic cookie string, where cookies representing time are expanded using strftime(3).  For example, a log name of /var/log/ncftpd/misc.%Y%m%d would create daily logs named /var/log/ncftpd/misc.20020309, /var/log/ncftpd/misc.20020310, etc.

It should be noted that some other messages may be logged while NcFTPd is bootstrapping (i.e. before the logging subsystem has been initialized). These messages are logged to stderr until the logger is ready; after that, all messages will go to the misc log. The install_ncftpd.pl script tries to set up NcFTPd so it redirects those early log messages into /var/log/ncftpd/startup_errors. If NcFTPd fails to startup, check for this file.


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