log-xfer-transaction-types NcFTPd general.cf file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the general.cf file.

This option controls which types of transactions appear in the NcFTPd xfer logs.  The transaction types are denoted by capital letters.  For example, uploads are referred to as S transactions. The current transaction types are listed below.  To see what is being logged, see the specification for the xfer logs.

Value Meaning
R Retrieve operation (download from server)
S Store operation (upload to server)
T Directory listing operation
D Delete operation (file or empty directory removed successfully)
M Mkdir operation (directory creation) succeeded
C Chmod operation succeeded
L Symbolic link operation succeeded.
N Rename operation succeeded

The default behavior is to log all transaction types, but a common use for this option is to disable certain types.  For example, you may want true transfer logs with only R and S transactions, or you might want everything except directory listings logged.

To configure this option, you simply specify the list of transaction types by using their respective transaction letters.



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