throttle NcFTPd file configuration
Don't forget to restart NcFTPd after modifying the file.

NcFTPd contains a "command throttle" to prevent runaway remote FTP clients from tying up the server, and further restrict opportunities for denial-of-service attacks.

This setting controls how many commands have to be issued in a four-second period before the throttle kicks in and waits three seconds before allowing the client to continue.

For a suggested value of 20, if 20 FTP commands are received in four seconds then the client will be forced to wait 3 seconds. If you don't want a throttle at all, you can set the value to no, otherwise a whole number value is required.

If you enable this option with the suggested default of 20, under normal circumstances legitimate users will not be impacted. However, on a fast network connection (such as a LAN) users may be throttled if they transfer several small files in succession.

As of version 2.7.1, the default is no (disabled), since we were getting too many support incidents from customers who were mistaking purposely throttled performance on a LAN for poor performance.



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