Frequently Asked Questions


Does NcFTPd just cease to work when the 30-day evaluation period expires?  [Answer]

Is it possible to get an extension on the 30-day evaluation?  [Answer]

Am I allowed to move my license to a different machine and/or operating system?  [Answer]

Am I allowed to upgrade to new versions of NcFTPd for free?  [Answer]

Before I purchase the unlimited-user license, I need to be sure I’m satisfied that NcFTPd will perform under a high user load.  How do I test that with the trial version?  [Answer]

I ordered an unlimited-user license but I still only have 50 users!  [Answer]

Can I buy the 50-user license now and upgrade to the unlimited-user license later by paying the difference?  [Answer]

If I want 100 simultaneous users, can I buy two 50-user licenses and aggregate the license data?  [Answer]

I entered my licensing information but NcFTPd is still saying “unregistered!”  [Answer]

How do I register NcFTPd for the free educational license?  [Answer]

How do I know if my machine qualifies under the free educational license?  [Answer]

How do I register NcFTPd for the free personal-use license?  [Answer]

My company would like to use NcFTPd, but we don’t need more than 3 simultaneous connections.  Is it OK to use the free personal license?  [Answer]

Is free technical support available for the educational or personal-use license?  [Answer]

For the 50-user license, is it 50 concurrent users, or 50 users in the passwd file (or ncftpd_passwd database)?  [Answer]


NcFTPd seems to listen on all IP addresses for the machine.  Can I configure NcFTPd so it only listens on certain addresses?  [Answer]

Can NcFTPd utilize two or more networking interfaces in a multi-homed machine?  [Answer]

What’s a good way to prevent the same user from logging in 10 times and hogging 10 connections to himself?  [Answer]

How do I disable “ls” so a user can’t browse the directory structure?  [Answer]

How do I force a user to use a web browser rather than an FTP client? I don’t want them to be able to access the same file once they know where it is on the server.  [Answer]

How high can I set my NcFTPd max-users in the  [Answer]

Can I configure NcFTPd so that certain symbolic links are allowed that point outside of the home directory of a restricted user?  [Answer]

How do I hide .dotfiles from users?  [Answer]  

How can I allow users to create directories in the /incoming directory?  [Answer]

Can NcFTPd run as some other user rather than root?  [Answer]

How can I get my FTP server to work with my firewall?  [Answer]

How can I configure NcFTPd to use a specific port range for passive data connections?  [Answer]



What kind of advanced features are available?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd allow a user to resume failed downloads?  [Answer]

Is it possible to have 2 virtual hosts with only one IP address?  [Answer]

Are disk quotas supported?  [Answer]

Are bandwidth limits supported?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support group logins using SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support any concept of a user class?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support international character sets?  [Answer]

Can the TCP Wrappers support built-in to NcFTPd act on a per-domain or per-user basis?  [Answer]

Is the SIZE command is supported under ASCII mode?  [Answer]

Do different users behind a proxy server count as the same user for the max-users-per-ip option?  [Answer]

Can client programs use pathnames with ~username notation?  [Answer]

Why doesn’t NcFTPd implement upload/download ratios?  [Answer]

User Authentication

Users are unable to login.  How do I diagnose the problem?  [Answer]

What are Virtual Users and why should I use them?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support LDAP?  [Answer]

How can I use my MySQL/mSQL/Oracle/etc database to authenticate users?  [Answer]

So if NcFTPd doesn't do MySQL/mSQL/Oracle/etc, then what is this NcFTPd Password Database you're talking about? [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)?  [Answer]

How does NcFTPd's custom authentication work?  [Answer]

How can I have NcFTPd use only a password database for authentication?  I don’t want users in /etc/passwd to be able to FTP in.  [Answer]

Can I tell NcFTPd to authenticate users from both the system password file and a NcFTPd password database?  [Answer]

Can I tell NcFTPd to authenticate users from a text file in the same format as /etc/passwd?  [Answer]

Is NcFTPd limited to usernames of 8 characters or less?  [Answer]

System Administration

How do I shutdown NcFTPd?  I'm running version 2.7.0 or later.  [Answer]

How do I restart NcFTPd?  I'm running version 2.7.0 or later.  [Answer]

How do I restart or shutdown NcFTPd?  I'm running version 2.6.3 or earlier.  [Answer]

How do I shutdown NcFTPd and not have it start up again automatically?  [Answer]

How do I “tickle” NcFTPd so it reloads it’s configuration files?  [Answer]

Can NcFTPd automatically lock out users who fail to enter in a correct password?  [Answer]

Can users change their password from FTP?  If not, how about a custom SITE command to let them do this?  [Answer]

Can NcFTPd password database users have their password expire?  [Answer]

How do I change NcFTPd so it doesn’t create all those subdirectories when it logs?  [Answer]

What's a good way to rotate the logs?  [Answer]

NcFTPd is displaying directory listings with the wrong timezone!  [Answer]

How many ncftpd processes will be running simultaneously?  [Answer]

Are there any caveats about using NFS-mounted filesystems and NcFTPd?  [Answer]

How can I terminate a logged in user without restarting the whole server?  [Answer]

Troubleshooting Tips

How do I put NcFTPd into verbose mode so it generates debugging output in the logs?  [Answer]

How can I use verbose logging mode to diagnose a problem?  [Answer]

Users are unable to login.  How do I diagnose the problem?  [Answer]

Some of the entries in the xfer logs are denoted INCOMPLETE.  What does this mean?  [Answer]

I’m getting “permission denied” when I try to transfer a file.  I have checked the permissions and everything appears OK.  What could be wrong?  [Answer]

NcFTPd takes a very long time to startup!  Specifically, it seems to hang while "Preloading users and groups."  [Answer]

I want to use TCP Wrappers access control with NcFTPd so I tried to run NcFTPd from the inetd.conf file.  It doesn’t work.  [Answer]

I'm getting poor performance when doing large numbers of small transfers.  [Answer]

I'm getting "respawning too fast" errors.  What does this mean?  [Answer]

Directory listings fail with “Only ls flags accepted are -C, -F, -l, -t, -r, -1, -S, -L, -R, and –p.”  [Answer]

I noticed that NcFTPd logged the error “shared memory pool [key 0x77c0ffee] already exists!  Removed it.”  What does this mean?  [Answer]

I’m running NcFTPd on Solaris and it doesn’t startup when I have a large number of users (> 300).  I also see “shared memory pool creation failed: Invalid argument” in the logs.  [Answer]  

When I try to startup NcFTPd I get the error “set-name variable on line 39 of /etc/ncftpd/ needs to be set in individual domain configuration files”.  [Answer]

I try to run NcFTPd but it just exits after a few seconds.  [Answer]

What do "bind failed: Address in use" errors mean when I start the server?  [Answer]

Trying to connect to the server errs out with "connection refused."  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd work with NFS-mounted filesystems?  Users get kicked out immediately after logging in.  [Answer]

Users can login, but directory listings and file transfers fail.  [Answer]

Established connections which have been alive for a long time are timing-out before they complete.  Could my firewall be to blame?  [Answer]


My Nessus security scanner is reporting vulnerabilities.  [Answer]

Is NcFTPd compiled using the StackGuard compiler, and if not, will it be in the future?  [Answer]

Does NcFTPd support any kind of encryption to prevent packet sniffers from stealing passwords or data?  [Answer]

NcFTPd allows data connections to a different IP address from the control connection!  [Answer]


Is the format of the logs documented anywhere?  [Answer]

Do I have to use NcFTP Client with NcFTPd Server?  [Answer]


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