Tired of typing pathnames?  Use CopyPathShellExtension to grab the full pathname from Windows Explorer and then paste it wherever you need it. I frequently find that programs want the name of a file which is already sitting directly in front of me anyway in Explorer.  This works great for Open/Save dialogs which don't (yet) accept drag-and-drop.

This program installs a shell extension which pops up a selectable context menu item.  The concept is illustrated below:



Run the Setup.exe that you downloaded.  Note that the Setup junk consumes 95% of the archive's bloat.  Once installed, nuke the Setup junk.  The good thing about the setup is that you can easily uninstall it using Add/Remove Programs.

Change Log


Where I come from, a piece of code that didn't take longer than a month to do should be freeware, and not milk-the-public-ware.  So free it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What platforms does it run on?

    A. Windows 95, 98; Windows NT 4.0.  It will also likely work with Windows 2000.

    Q. Do I have to pay for CopyPathShellExtension?

    A. No, it is free!

    Q. Who wrote it?

    A. Mike Gleason of NcFTP Software.

    Q. Is their official support for it?

    A. No.

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